We help companies 
maintain the human touch as they grow.

With most employee communication now happening in workplace chat like Slack, it's time for a better approach to measuring engagement. That's why we built Circus IQ.

Why measuring engagement is important

We built Circus IQ because we understand the value of thoughtfulness and time it takes to meaningfully engage in the workplace.

While every human's style is different, engagement and helpfulness in teams is a leading factor in determining a team's ultimate success.

That's why we help growing teams understand whose behaviour is changing, rather than hold anyone to a specific metric of participation. Simply put, it's not about how often you participate but how you normally behave.

It's not about tracking or spying, but measuring.

We often get asked if our software helps companies spy on their employees.

Quite the contrary: We don't measure anything that's not already public. We also don't set any sort of pre-defined standard level of engagement. Our software is designed to help leaders understand when a change in behavior occurs. Often, these changes can be the first sign of a bigger issue.

Our vision is to help growing companies maintain their culture as they scale.

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